Stellar Cafe

The first coffee house I will be writing about is Stellar Cafe. This is a little coffee house right on the edge of campus that lends itself to being a hub for both studying students and social locals. My favorite thing about this place, besides their drinks, is the Roaring Twenties theme. There are vintage coffee signs hung up everywhere and all of the drinks have cute names like “The Cats Meow” and “Bootleg Betty”. The atmosphere of Stellar Cafe is what draws people in, but its the high quality drinks that keeps them coming back.

Now, I do have to mention that just like most coffee places, Stellar Cafe isn’t the cheapest bargain. But if I had to mention that, then I also have to mention the fact that the drinks are 100 percent worth the price! My all time favorite place to get a dirty chai, a chai tea latte with shots of espresso, is Stellar Cafe. They call it the Hotsy Totsy and it has the perfect balance of seasonal spices and espresso. The first time I ever had a dirty chai was at Starbucks and it made me think I hated the drink because it was so tart. But the Hotsy Totsy is completely different and its sweetness is perfectly balanced out with the bitterness of the espresso.

IMG_1227My Hotsy Totsy from Stellar Cafe.

My other favorite drinks include every single one listed on the “Roaring Toddies” category of the menu. For those who may not know, an iced toddy is coffee that is brewed cold over at least twelve hours. The method provides a smoother and bolder taste. The last drink I want to tell you about is the Lavender Mocha. This is a drink that is pretty unique to Stellar Cafe. It has a strong floral taste that provides an experience unlike any other.

Furthermore, Stellar Cafe is the perfect place to go to do anything you need to do. It is always moderately busy with a moderate volume so you can study or you can bring a friend and hang out. This, along with its proximity to campus, is what makes Stellar Cafe my favorite local shop.

Thanks for reading! And remember…

Death before decaf. Always.


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