Review of Man vs. Coffee

Hello everyone! So I am taking a different approach to today’s blog post. Rather than telling you about the local San Marcos coffee shops and my opinion on them, I am going to review another coffee blog. I chose to review a blog called Man vs. Coffee. This is a great blog because the writer is a young person who works at Starbucks and knows his coffee stuff pretty well.

Similar to the posts on my blog, the barista posts reviews of his favorite coffee shop. My favorite part about his site is you really feel like you are going along on a coffee journey with him. The very first post on Man vs. Coffee is called Coffeeology. This clever title is above a blurb that explains all things coffee to those who may not know or are new to the Death Before Decaf clan.

Along with being informative, the blog supplies great reviews of small town coffee shops. With each of the posts there are multiple photos.

A picture of Blue Cat Cafe from the Man Vs. Coffee blog.
A picture of Blue Cat Cafe from the Man Vs. Coffee blog.

This is great for readers who like to be visually stimulated rather than just mentally focused on reading about shops. Also, the blogger sometimes includes videos of live music performances at the coffee shops he reviews. The only thing I would say could be changed is that he recorded the video portrait style. It is better to record at a landscape orientation in order to fill up the frame and make the video more aesthetically pleasing. Overall, I really like Man vs. Coffee and would recommend that you stay updated with the blog.

Thanks for reading! And always remember, Death Before Decaf!


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