Brewing at Home: Part I

It is no secret that San Marcos is covered with coffee shops. However, as a college student on a budget, I understand that sometimes going to your favorite coffee shop is not an option. Whether it be due to getting transportation or having enough money on you to invest in your favorite potion of caffeine, there are days when you have to get your coffee fix in a different way. Personally, I always make sure my home is as equipped for coffee as a coffee shop. Although many may not be that enthusiastic, there are definitely a few coffee purchases that are worth making and benefit you for a long time.

The first coffee purchase I would recommend making is in just a standard drip coffee machine. These are great because you can schedule them to automatically make coffee at whatever time of day you want. The other great thing is that you can find them starting at only $25. Another thing you will need is a package of coffee filters— but since we are college students looking to save a couple of bucks, invest in the five dollar permanent filter! This is a plastic filter with a sturdy netting, and you simply use it and wash it and then reuse it again. And you don’t have to worry about keeping your coffee filters stocked!

Furthermore, the next important, and most obvious thing, is to purchase your coffee! The key to picking your favorite brew is to determine whether you are more of a medium, mild or dark brew type of person. This all depends on whether you like your coffee more bitter (dark), in-between (medium) or not too strong(mild). I have never not found a coffee I wanted at H-E-B. My personal favorite is the Seattle’s Best medium blend.


The great thing about H-E-B is they have a coffee dispensary with descriptions of dozens of unique blends. Now, this may seem like a lot to purchase, but this basic foundation will have you drinking cost conscious caffeine in not time! Buying coffee in bulk is always cheaper!

For an even more fun experience picking your favorite brew, try visiting the new local coffee dispensary Redbud Roasters! They won a local award for being one of the best new businesses in town and I hear nothing but good things about the place and its selection.


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