Brewing at Home: Part II

There are those who like just an occasional cup of coffee and then there are those who can’t stand to go a day with out a cup of Jo. This post is for the latter. I want to tell you guys about some of my most favorite coffee purchases. These are ones that may have taken a few dollars at the time, but are definitely still paying off. I would recommend any avid coffee drinker to make these purchases. And here’s why…

The first purchase is a coffee grinder. The one that I have is by Hamilton Beach and cost me only $15 to buy at Target! It is a very simple machine, but very useful. Having a coffee grinder allows you to do so much more with your caffeine. Waiting until right before you use the coffee to grind the coffee beans allows for a fresher and stronger beverage. This means that grinding your own coffee makes a stronger cup as opposed to buying it already ground.

Drinking my favorite at home brew!

The next purchase I would tell you to make is to buy an espresso machine. Any brand suffices. The one that I bought was used, but basically brand new. So I got it for a steal! Having an espresso machine to use at your leisure is amazing. All the time I will just make a latte or an undertow to give me an extra boost. It is also a great thing to use while entertaining. If you think you ever want to be a barista at a public place or even just an at home barista, having your own equipment is a great starting point!


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