Reflection on Blogging Journey

Keeping up with this blog through out the year has definitely been a journey. It has been fun to explore the different facets of my passion for coffee through writing. I have also enjoyed being able to share the insights of a coffee aficionado to my family and friends. Although there were some great moments captured by my blog this year, there are some things I could have done better.

I found myself sometimes limiting how much I wrote because I didn’t have much time and knew I only needed to meet the minimum content requirement for the blog review assignments. However, I have a huge passion for coffee so I know that if I would have taken the time to expand upon my thoughts then my blog could have had even more to offer. The experience will benefit me in the future because I now understand the importance of creating your own brand in order to advance in the field of mass communication. Having an active blog with longevity and a decent following would be great professionally because it shows employers that you are well versed in creating content, promoting it and using content management systems.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 6.12.46 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 6.13.12 PM
Statistics from WordPress of my blog.

My best week of blogging, in terms of post views was on November 21. This was the day of one of my very first blog posts. I believe that this was the most popular post and week of the year because of the platform I publicized on it. I was surprised to find out that when I promoted my blog on tumblr, not many views occurred. However, when I promoted it on twitter and facebook, the views sky rocketed in comparison. Through this experience I have learned the importance of promoting my blog through the right platform and at the right time of day.


Favorites’ Report Card

Hello everyone! So the year is wrapping up and the holidays are upon us. Along with the seasonal brews that brings, finals are upon us. So while students are getting final grades in all of their classes, I want to use this post to give final grades for the year for some of the coffee shops I frequent the most. I decided on the grades based off of a combination of atmosphere, customer service, beverage quality and price. I hope you enjoy!

Through out the year, Mochas and Javas has been one of the local coffee shops I have frequented the most. This is because I love their iced toddies and it is located very close to campus and where I work. I give Mochas and Javas a ‘B+’. This is because they have amazing iced toddies and vanilla lattes. Additionally, the baristas and cashiers are always super friendly. However, they are a bit pricy, as my favorite drinks are all at least four dollars for every cup. Overall, I would recommend this coffee shop!

By and far, Stellar Cafe has been the caffeine destination I choose when I need to study. I love the atmosphere and the friendliness of the workers. I give Stellar Cafe an ‘A-’. The coffee house deserves this grade because of the atmosphere, customer services and the drinks. However, what makes the cafe fall a little short of the perfect mark is the caffeine levels in the drinks. My favorite drink here is the Hotsy Totsy, which is a dirty chai (a chai tea latte with shots of espresso). However, I find that the caffeine levels are a bit weaker, and I have to get extra shots for the same boost I get from less shots of espresso elsewhere.

Stellar Cafe in the winter.

San Marcos has definitely killed it (in a good way) when it comes to the local coffee shop game! So I would recommend trying out my favorites along with the abundance of other choices in the city.