Favorites’ Report Card

Hello everyone! So the year is wrapping up and the holidays are upon us. Along with the seasonal brews that brings, finals are upon us. So while students are getting final grades in all of their classes, I want to use this post to give final grades for the year for some of the coffee shops I frequent the most. I decided on the grades based off of a combination of atmosphere, customer service, beverage quality and price. I hope you enjoy!

Through out the year, Mochas and Javas has been one of the local coffee shops I have frequented the most. This is because I love their iced toddies and it is located very close to campus and where I work. I give Mochas and Javas a ‘B+’. This is because they have amazing iced toddies and vanilla lattes. Additionally, the baristas and cashiers are always super friendly. However, they are a bit pricy, as my favorite drinks are all at least four dollars for every cup. Overall, I would recommend this coffee shop!

By and far, Stellar Cafe has been the caffeine destination I choose when I need to study. I love the atmosphere and the friendliness of the workers. I give Stellar Cafe an ‘A-’. The coffee house deserves this grade because of the atmosphere, customer services and the drinks. However, what makes the cafe fall a little short of the perfect mark is the caffeine levels in the drinks. My favorite drink here is the Hotsy Totsy, which is a dirty chai (a chai tea latte with shots of espresso). However, I find that the caffeine levels are a bit weaker, and I have to get extra shots for the same boost I get from less shots of espresso elsewhere.

Stellar Cafe in the winter.

San Marcos has definitely killed it (in a good way) when it comes to the local coffee shop game! So I would recommend trying out my favorites along with the abundance of other choices in the city.


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